Clone ZFS Pool To New Disk for replacement#

Plan: Replace old ZFS formatted NVMe SSD with new, larger one.

My Tuxedo Infinity-Book has two M2-slots, at different speeds. 1st an older Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB Gen3 and 2nd a fast Samsung 980 PRO 512GB. Latter should be replaced as it fills up recently.

I put the new Samsung 980 PRO 1TB in an USB external case and connected it to the notebook.

To copy the data, I first created a snapshot of my existing pool - all as root:

zfs snapshot -r speedy@migrate

Then I created a new pool on the new SSD with a new name:

zpool create speedy2 /dev/sdb

Then I send the snapshot to the new pool:

zfs send -R speedy@migrate | zfs receive -F speedy2

Go for a coffee - it takes a while. Now with fresh caffein in the blood stream, I removed the old pool:

zpool export speedy

Finally I shutdown the computer, opened the bottom, exchanged SSD, booted again and then imported the new pool with the name of the old one - in fact a rename:

zpool import speedy2 speedy